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Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues

Don’t let a small administrative error lead to a big compliance fine.

Open enrollment can be a hectic time of year for HR and benefits professionals. Keeping up with an influx of employee questions, communications and deadlines can be a job in and of itself. One simple misstep for even the most seasoned HR pros can result in hefty penalties and a huge headache for your organization.

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Watch the webinar “Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues” and uncover how to protect your organization from common compliance mistakes during a busy time of year.

Watch the webinar and discover:

  • Top 20 compliance issues that arise during open enrollment
  • How to address open enrollment issues in a timely manner
  • Best practices to ease your compliance obligations during the open enrollment process
  • Best practices for open enrollment communications

Click the button below to view the session and download the session slides to reference.


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