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Pandemic Hiring Trends

Social distancing and working from home have become routine due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Recruiting and hiring have been challenged to keep things moving by being flexible and even creative.

We have all been asked to use any available means to get the job done. Some of the tools and techniques are new; others are being used to their fullest potential for the first time. What have we learned during the past several months and how will we benefit in the post-pandemic hiring world?

Virtual interviews:

At the outset of the pandemic, we quickly pivoted to conducting all interviews virtually. Virtual meetings monopolized our schedules and have become the “new norm”.

What’s next? We shifted quickly and realized that it works well. It’s a benefit to cost and time savings, particularly for the candidate for a first-round interview. To make virtual interviewing even more effective, companies should focus on improvement in training and process to make the most of the interviews.

Applicant Tracking Systems and Job Boards:

We have all used them before and are were very familiar pre-pandemic. However, during the pandemic we saw more activity as the job market shifted and unemployment skyrocketed.

What’s next?  HR technology companies are continuously adding features and services to their products, making communication between applicants, hiring managers and talent acquisition teams seamless. Investing in the right tools and providing training will streamline the process, improve information sharing and create a positive employment brand.

Flexible Work Schedules and Alternative Staffing:

During the early days of the pandemic, offices closed and everyone, except essential workers, were moved to work from home. Where returning to the office has begun, it has been done with intermittent schedules and a blend of work from home and remote.

What’s next?  Some of those changes benefited the employer by creating access to a broader workforce and reducing costs of office space. Employers are realizing that some of their employees can effectively work from anywhere, using this to their benefit to hire from across the country -- expanding the talent pool exponentially. Companies are giving up expensive office space and using the savings to provide technical tools for remote workers.

While most everyone has been challenged during the pandemic and has had to dramatically shift gears in order to recruit and hire, the bottom line is that both companies and candidates have benefited from these adjustments with respect to cost and time savings. As you approach the new year, it’s important to be flexible and incorporate these learnings into your processes and strategies. These changes are here to stay.

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