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Travis Dommert Highlights the Advantages of Elevating Internal Talent, In WorldatWork Byline

A recent study by LinkedIn found that 75% of recruiting professionals say internal recruiting will be an important factor in shaping the future of recruiting over the next five years.

Is your next top recruit sitting right in front of you? OneDigital’s Senior Vice President of Talent, Travis Dommert, believes internal recruitment should be the first step for filling roles to attract and retain talent.

In a compelling byline published in WorldatWork, “Internal Recruitment: Making the Case for Hiring from Within,” Dommert makes the argument that internal recruiting can save employers time, money, and even help to recession-proof a business.

Dommert suggests that internal recruiting can increase the quality of future outside hires,

Invest a little time doing your best work and living your best life. No one wants to work for a martyr, as studies consistently show that burnt out managers are more likely to manage burnt out employees. Instead, encourage the growth of your people and develop your reputation as someone who supports wellbeing.
Travis Dommert, Senior Vice President of Talent, OneDigital

He also underscores the very real talent shortage facing many employers, citing persistent wage inflation combined with a generational labor shortage and stingy labor participation rates. This lack of available talent can have a real detriment on growth, and hinder a business’s ability to compete in the marketplace. What’s worse, mis-hiring can have even more costly effects – citing a loss as high as eight to twelve times the employee’s salary. By hiring from within, employers can mitigate these challenges and gain the added benefit of boosting morale,

Talent mobility supercharges recruitment marketing efforts and strengthens your employee value proposition. Internal transfers become success stories to be celebrated both internally and externally, signaling to the labor market that your organization values something that many employees treasure — opportunities to advance their careers. Organizations with a track record for helping their people grow tend to attract more candidates when they make positions available to the outside labor market, which cuts the time to fill new roles and boosts the quality of hires.
Travis Dommert, Senior Vice President of Talent, OneDigital

Finally, Travis suggests devoting time to cultivating a positive employer brand and even team brand to facilitate this process and support employers who are looking to recruit from within. If you are a leader wondering where to start your internal recruiting efforts, focus on making your slice of the business a desirable destination.

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