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Raising Eyebrows in New Hampshire

Earlier this month, Principal Sena Meilleur and Managing Principal Kevin O’Connor took to the front of the room during the final session at the Granite State Human Resource Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire.

To a packed room of attendees, Meilleur and O’Connor captivated the attention of human resource professionals as they opened by sharing two true life-changing stories of past clients. The crowd felt the heavy reality that an innocent afternoon-gone-wrong with a tragic ATV accident could impact one family forever. Eyebrows raised and sighs followed upon hearing how this family lacked adequate coverage and applicable benefits to settle hundreds of thousands in dollars in claims and care thereafter. Meilleur and O’Connor responded with solutions: a clear outline of the various benefits that would have provided the aforementioned family a more secure, financially and emotionally stabilizing, life.

This prompted a discussion of three key steps on how to build life-changing benefits for happy, healthy employees:

  1. Employee Benefits As Part of the Larger Corporate Strategy
  2. Employee Health and Wellness Requires a Holistic Approach
  3. Strong Communication Is Key

Meilleur and O’Connor’s session encouraged the audience to advocate on behalf of their employees for benefits that meet the needs of people of all ages and demographics. O’Connor urged HR staff to ‘find their voice’ and take a seat at the table when strategic decisions are being made around benefits.

The presentation was prefaced with two days of exhibiting, being a sponsor for the GSHR Conference, and networking with professionals across industries and services.