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Elizabeth Chrane Offers Insight on Supporting Working Parents During Layoffs and Economic Uncertainty

A recent study by Bankrate shows that nearly 1 in 10 employed Americans are very worried about their job security.

However, job security has particularly become stressful for working parents and might even be affecting company culture. OneDigital’s Chief People Officer, Elizabeth Chrane, warns that job security anxiety might be causing tensions in the workplace. In the SHRM article, “Layoffs Add to Working Parents’ Growing List of Stressors,” Elizabeth suggests companies give working parents notice if layoffs are being planned to help them prepare for the future and avoid the implications that might come with quiet quitting.

Spending more of their time looking for other roles, interviewing and quiet quitting is not just taking time away from their responsibilities, it can also create tension with colleagues if they stop meeting their work obligations.

While it’s not required to share the details of your policies, it can be reassuring if your people know about any severance and career placement services that will be provided.
-Elizabeth Chrane, Chief People Officer, OneDigital

Read the full SHRM article here.

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