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[Video] Casual Fridays: Wellbeing in the Workplace

Employee engagement and wellbeing go hand in hand.

Stress has a significant impact on an employee’s physical and mental health. It can impair memory, attention, cognitive flexibility and response inhibition.

Employers can prioritize mental wellbeing by updating their Employee Assistance Program - or EAP for short. An EAP can provide the right tools and resources to spot mental health challenges early on and help employees address factors that cause some of the most significant stress in their lives.

Anmarie Gaalaas, Jania Stout and Ugochi Dinnea from our Mid-Atlantic team discuss how connection is directly linked to wellbeing in the workplace in this week’s Casual Friday episode. Watch the video above to hear how you can create an environment at work for employees to discuss mental health and address stress.

Our Casual Friday series is a conversation about work and life that answers how companies can stay ahead to recruit and retain top talent. For more wellbeing tips and tricks, check out OneDigital’s 2022 Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Calendar.