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Will Peterson Provides Thoughts on Workforce Trends to Follow in 2024

As organizations navigate an ever-evolving landscape, workforce dynamics continue to shift.

Will Peterson, Client Executive at OneDigital, was featured in a video produced by Metro Atlanta CEO shedding light on the critical trends shaping work in 2024. These insights empower employers to adapt, retain top talent, and gain a competitive edge. Among these trends are AI, skills-based hiring and employee engagement.

When examining the leading challenges employers face today, Peterson stated:

Organizations that provide robust learning and development initiatives can hire workers that are an excellent culture fit and train them to specific skills later. By recognizing the ability to learn and develop, this hiring method allows organizations to find skilled candidates for open roles instead of trying to mold candidates to set a job profile.
Will Peterson, Client Executive, OneDigital Georgia

To learn more about workforce trends to follow, watch the full video here: Workforce Trends to Follow in 2024 | Will Peterson.

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