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A Conversation with an Executive Trauma Specialist for Mental Health Awareness Month

Most likely, the vast majority of your employees have or are currently experiencing some sort of trauma brought on by current life events.

Inflation, rising gas prices, the war in Ukraine, political divisiveness - just to name a few of the ongoing stories hitting the 5:00 news that are causing stress levels to rise and distracting us from being able to focus. Adrienne Rouan, Executive Trauma Coach, sits down with Jeff Cross for a candid conversation about how we can better manage the amount of turmoil going on across the country and the world. The two also get into how to prevent divisiveness between colleagues at work, and what we can do during Mental Health Awareness month to better support our employees and our own mental wellbeing.

This is 29 minutes packed with great insights and open dialogue - grab your coffee (or tea!) and enjoy.

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