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Our team of 50+ benefit professionals consistently exceeds our clients expectations. Every team member knows that it is not enough to simply be proficient at their job function. The personal standard is higher and our clients receive the benefit.

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We know your name, the names of your employees, your biggest challenges, and what success looks like for you.

Value Driver: Relentless


We've got your back when you need us most, and won't stop working until you have a solution that works for you.

Value Driver: Strategic


We are purposeful in building and executing a multi-year benefits strategy that drives results for you.


Meet The Leadership

Brian Driscoll

  • Regional Managing Principal
  • 30 years of experience

Brian Driscoll is the Managing Principal of the New England region at OneDigital, a national team of experienced, local employee benefits advisors who create greater value for employers and inspire individuals to become more engaged health care consumers.

Jeff Worley

  • Regional VP of Sales
  • 25 years of experience

Jeff Worley is a Regional VP of Sales at OneDigital, a national team of experienced, local employee benefits advisors who create greater value for employers and inspire individuals to become more engaged health care consumers.

George Papagelis

  • Managing Principal
  • 17 years of experience

George Papagelis is Managing Principal at OneDigital Harford. Papagelis is responsible for the firm's client services team, including the consultants, account managers, financial analysts and shared services team.

I would like to acknowledge all of your efforts in coordinating our renewal.  This includes the negotiation of the renewal, enrollment communications, and presentations during our Open Enrollment meetings & webinar.  It is truly a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable, professional and effective group of people.

Melissa Costanzo

Edible Arrangements

Wallingford, CT

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  • 1st Thursday of the Month | Thought leadership from across the country. Find out what you need to know about employee benefits from our team—what's new, what should be on your radar, and what your priorities should be for that month. 2nd Thursday of the Month | Each month we’ll give you peace of mind with compliance thought leadership, trending updates and planning tools. Our regular webinars with our Compliance Services Team will be front and center as well, so you don’t miss a beat. 3rd Tuesday or Thursday of the Month | We provide a resource to help our HR colleagues and leaders better execute their employee benefits every month. Resources vary from compliance calendars to strategy implementation worksheets and more based on the time of year. 4th Thursday of the Month | We’ll highlight the upcoming month’s health initiatives, and share articles related to wellness. We’ll also provide a downloadable newsletter to share with your employees as part of your company’s wellness offerings. Immediately | When compliance requirements for employers are updated, we make sure you're informed as soon as possible. To minimize the number of emails you receive, we do our best to include a majority of regulatory updates in our monthly Compliance Confidence E-News, and save the Alerts for urgent updates. Seasonally | With over 50 offices across the U.S., we offer in-person educational opportunities throughout the year. Most seminars are held in the Spring and Fall, and range in topics from compliance to specific plan design options to voluntary benefits.

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