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OneDigital Senior Benefits Executive Elsa Glorioso Featured in Employee Benefit News

At OneDigital, we understand that the true measure of a benefits program lies not only in its ability to provide financial support but also in its capacity to offer comfort and understanding during life’s most challenging moments.

The recent article in Employee Benefit News by Elsa Glorioso, OneDigital Senior Benefits Executive, Mid Atlantic, “How benefits can offer an empathetic approach to processing death,” resonates deeply with our mission. Glorioso, drawing on her dual expertise as an oncology nurse and benefits consultant, advocates for a benefits approach that encompasses the full spectrum of an employee’s needs during times of loss.

  • Proactive Advocacy: As fierce advocates for our clients and their employees, OneDigital champions the need for benefits that truly reflect the rising cost of living and the financial realities of end-of-life care. We are committed to actively seeking better disability payouts and financial structures, ensuring that our clients’ employees are supported both in life and in times of grief.
  • Comprehensive Support: Glorioso’s article highlights the booming business of end-of-life care and the financial burdens it imposes on families. At OneDigital, we believe in mitigating these challenges by providing a comprehensive benefits package that addresses not just the financial aspects but also the emotional and practical needs of those facing loss.
  • Empathetic Leadership: We lead with empathy, recognizing that each individual’s journey through grief is personal and unique. By advocating for resources such as counseling services and support groups, we demonstrate our commitment to supporting employees through the full arc of their experiences, from hire to the end.

Glorioso stated in the article:

While we can't be present or involved for everyone, it is important to view death as something that needs to be dealt with as a benefit item. It goes further than life insurance and a simple pay out, but what are we doing to help our clients assist their employees in having a dignified ending?
Elsa Glorioso, Senior Benefits Executive, OneDigital - MidAtlantic

Here are just a few ways how businesses rely on employee benefits advisors like Elsa to support their employees through difficult life moments by leveraging their expertise, empathy, and advocacy.

1. Expertise in Benefits Management:
Advisors bring a wealth of knowledge about the range of benefits available and how they can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of employees. They can guide businesses in creating a benefits package that provides comprehensive support during challenging times.

2. Empathetic Approach:
Benefit advisors understand the emotional complexities involved in difficult life events. They can help businesses develop policies and practices that are sensitive to these needs, ensuring that employees feel supported and valued.

3. Advocacy for Employee Needs:
Advisors like Elsa are adept at advocating for the rights and needs of employees. They can work with businesses to ensure that benefits policies are not only fair but also compassionate, offering support like bereavement leave, counseling services, and flexible work arrangements.

4. Strategic Planning:
They can assist businesses in strategic planning for employee support, helping to anticipate and address potential challenges that employees might face, such as serious illness or the loss of a loved one.

5. Communication & Education:
Benefit advisors can serve as a bridge between employers and employees, communicating the availability and details of support services. They can also educate employees on how to access and utilize these benefits effectively.

By relying on the expertise and advocacy of benefits advisors, businesses can create a supportive environment that helps employees navigate through life’s difficult moments with dignity and respect.

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