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Jenni Bedell on How to Be a Successful Woman in the Workplace

While women are more accomplished and ambitious than ever, women's representation in the workforce is still lacking.

According to the latest Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey, women have remained underrepresented across the corporate pipeline, with females representing roughly one in four C-suite leaders, and with stalled momentum in manager and director levels.

Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader for OneDigital HR Consulting in Tennessee, recently sat down with News Channel 5 Nashville to share tips on how to be successful as a woman in the workplace, and she says it starts with uplifting others.

Nothing feels better than contributing to others' success. So empower those around you and uplift other females within your organization who aren't leaders yet. Be a part of the solution and use your voice to create avenues of success for the women in your workplace.
Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader, HR Consulting, OneDigital Tennessee

Jenni says leveraging your voice is also key. "You have an incredibly important voice and opinion, one that matters and is much needed at your organization. Speaking up can really contribute to your growth as a leader."

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