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Jenni Bedell Shares How to Combat Workplace Gender Discrimination with The Business Journals

Gender bias in the workplace is a complex issue that has plagued organizations for years. As an employer, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start to combat decades of discrimination.

Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader for OneDigital HR Consulting in Tennessee, recently sat down with The Business Journals to share tips on how employers can set the stage to avoid this type of discrimination. Her advice on where to start with righting these wrongs? Pay equity.

Bedell says pay equity remains a clear way to show women, and all employees, are valued equally based upon their contributions to the workforce. It’s also a critical cultural element ensuring that team members within the organization know the company is committed to building an equitable workplace. With women in the U.S. earning 82 cents on the dollar compared to men, pay equity – and transparency – is a good, tangible place to start.

Offering pay equity shows that not only do you identify that this problem does occur and could be an issue in your organization, but you are actually willing to take the steps to figure out how to correct it. Looking at pay equity is a very easy way to statistically see where women stand in your company.
Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader, HR Consulting, OneDigital Tennessee

Bedell also says knowing your data is critical. "Going in and doing an internal pay equity audit and knowing your data is an excellent place to start," she said. "Then formulate a strategy from there."

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