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Jenni Bedell Shares How to Make the Most of In-Office Days

According to data from Resume Builder, ninety percent of companies plan to implement return-to-office policies by the end of 2024.

But the question of "why are we here?" will undoubtedly come up, as the pandemic proved many employees can do their jobs just as efficiently from home. In an effort to persuade employees that returning to the office is a good idea, employers will have to do more than just bring people back to shared space and hope for the best.

Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader for OneDigital HR Consulting in Tennessee, recently sat down with Employee Benefit News to share tips on how employers can make their in-person days count, and encourage a desire to "return to people."

It starts with creating a sense of belonging and psychological safety in the workplace, and then building upon those things. When you create an environment where employees can state their opinion without fear, that's going to lead to the type of collaboration we're looking for. In order for leaders to be intentional about creating this type of environment, you have to start with a plan.
Jenni Bedell, Practice Leader, HR Consulting, OneDigital Tennessee

Jenni says details of those plans may differ, but laying out what success looks like is key for any organization that wants its employees to understand the value of collaborating with their team members.

"It's hard to cultivate and maintain culture and a sense of belonging in a fully remote environment," she says. "Employees want to feel like they're part of something bigger. Companies who aren't intentional about showing employees how their work affects the big picture, are at a disadvantage in the war for talent. When an employee can meaningfully connect to their team and the people they work for, they're going to be healthier from a well-being perspective, and it's going to drive recruitment and retention results."

To read the rest of Jenni's tips on how to make your in-office days count, click here.

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