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Shira Wilensky Discusses Starbucks’ Workplace Mental Health Initiatives With BenefitsPRO

As the number of Americans facing mental health conditions continues to rise, some employers are stepping up.

The massive coffeehouse chain Starbucks announced it plans to increase mental health benefits for employees. In an already competitive market, this move further solidifies their status as a forward-thinking employer. In 2016, Canadian Starbucks began contributing $5,000 toward employee mental health benefits; still about ten times more than the average Canadian employer offers. OneDigital’s National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing Shira Wilensky comments on the progressive approach Starbucks has taken toward addressing this nationwide problem, in a recent BenefitsPRO article, “Starbucks Bolsters Mental Health Benefits for Workers.” She praises their efforts, highlighting the importance of leadership’s willingness to understand the reasons for underutilization in order to remedy them.

I commend Starbucks for not only expanding mental health benefits but for helping to break down barriers to accessing these services. It is not enough to offer mental health benefits. Employers have to be willing to put policies in place and make environmental changes to breed a culture to support the success of these initiatives and employee wellbeing.
Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing, OneDigital Health and Benefits

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