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The Future of HR: Preparing for the New Workforce

No matter how much your organization evolves, employees should be at the center of the equation.

It is a pivotal time in the business of managing and leading labor. The combination of the lowest unemployment in 60 years, globalization, and huge advances in technology are completely reimagining businesses and how they operate. The nature of how work is performed is changing, and so is the workforce. There are different rules and expectations about what it’s expected by both employers and employees. With virtual workers, an increasing gig-economy and technology solutions, HR professionals must remain at the cornerstone of overall employee experiences and focus on consumer-centric HR practices.

Listen to the OneDigital podcast “The Future of HR: Preparing for the New Workforce” where OneDigital’s Keith Falk discuss what the new workforce will look like, how employers can embrace and balance technology options and best prepare their organizations for the future.

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