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Travis Dommert On How to Ensure Job Seekers Feel Seen in Magazine Interview

The modern job hunting and interview process can feel a bit soulless. In an era of form submissions, automated email replies, and remote Zoom interviews, companies are struggling to present a human face to those who are applying for open positions.

Companies that want to become employers of choice should not only focus on the experience of current employees, but of job seekers and candidates too. In an exclusive interview in Magazine, OneDigital’s SVP of Talent Travis Dommert has some words of advice for employers who want to inject a bit of humanity into their application processes:

Candidates want to be seen. Whether unemployed or feeling the stressors of an employment situation that is causing them to look elsewhere, candidates want respect and attention. What candidates do not want is to be pushed into a nameless, faceless process that offers little or no hope of ever being seen, which is unfortunately what many companies offer during this process.
Travis Dommert, SVP of Talent, OneDigital

You can read Travis’ full interview in the April 2023 edition of's magazine here.

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