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Video Benefits Guy For Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season is here! Now, more than ever, employers are looking for solutions to improve the employee communication process and experience, while still delivering valuable educational pieces to assist employees in making informed decisions. Video Benefits Guy is an online communication portal that can be used for both annual open enrollment and new hire onboarding.

Video Benefits Guy allows employers to develop and customize simple, yet consistent, messages about their benefits in a video format. Through this technology, employers can post messages to their employees, and create a customized experience using these videos. Employers also have the ability to find videos explaining the fundamentals of the benefits available to them and much more. The videos are fun to watch and the use of technology can help reduce the cost of materials, time and scheduling. The videos also provide clear and consistent messages to all employees regardless of their physical location.

Our extensive Video Benefits Guy library has educational videos explaining everything from insurance terms, to how employees can manage their healthcare costs, to the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The ability for employees to access these video, provides a great resource when introducing new benefits and solutions.

As an employer, if you -

  1. want to improve employee communication;
  2. save time for you and your employees, while still communicating a well understood and detailed benefits package;
  3. need to cater to your employees in various locations, as well as eliminate scheduling conflicts;

then the Video Benefits Guy can be the solution for your organization.  Please contact your OneDigital consultant for more information.