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2017 Takecharge Summit: A Night out With OneDigital

This past April, OneDigital had the privilege of hosting the 2017 TakeCharge Summit at Infinity Music Hall in downtown Hartford. The night featured cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment provided by David Feherty, a former professional golfer, New York Times best-selling author, and TV personality. Every year our team hosts this event to recognize and extend appreciation to our clients with a networking experience for all to engage in. Prospective clients, current clients and local carrier partners come together for a night out away from the workplace to further develop the foundation of these relationships.

In between stories related to his Irish heritage, jokes about the start of his career, his best and worst moments, and of course, his infamous caddy, Feherty communicated an important message to the audience that may have been lost in a room full of laughter. When he first shared his goal of becoming a professional golfer with his father (mind you, he had a 5 handicap at the time - not very good for a hopeful pro), he asked David a thought provoking question: “Does it give you goosebumps?”

In the midst of his humor filled monologue, this question really got me thinking on a greater level.

We so often get lost in the stress and chaos of everyday life, and rarely take a mindful step back to consider our purpose in what we do. What value does my work bring to my life on a daily basis? What value does it bring to others? How can I make the best of today? What is my passion?

For me, it is truly about the people we support and have the opportunity to get to know. Whether we are working with a nonprofit company that plays an active role in our community or a large multi-site manufacturer, being an insurance broker provides us the opportunity to contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses while simultaneously building fundamental relationships that we otherwise wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to develop.

Last week’s TakeCharge Summit was an excellent representation of who we are as a company and why we are not the cookie cutter example of a broker shop. While our number one priority is for our clients to have a strong trust in the work we do, we also want to demonstrate that we are approachable, invested, dedicated, and most of all, driven every day by those people we have the pleasure to support. We at OneDigital thank all of our wonderful clients, the staff at Infinity Music Hall, and David Feherty for making the 2017 TakeCharge Summit a success. You can view pictures from the event here. Stay tuned for next year’s TakeCharge Summit!