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5 Tips for Communicating Benefits Topics to Millennials – From a Millennial

Millennials now represent the largest segment of the workplace—over 35%, according to the Pew Research Center.

This generation challenges the conventional workplace from preferring flexible schedules to working from home, and benefits are no different. HR teams are left wondering how to communicate their companies’ benefits to this generation effectively.

Tip #1: Technology, Technology, Technology

Millennials are a tech-savvy generation who grew up online. They expect everything to be readily available at their fingertips at all times. Keep in mind; Millennials have high expectations when it comes to technology.

In fact, 4 out of 10 employees that left their previous employer mentioned outdated technology as the primary reason.

Papers and forms can be foreign and overwhelming. And most of the time they’ll end up in the trash or filed away, never to be seen again. To keep this generation engaged, it’s important to do your research and ensure that you are providing quality technology. It’s to your benefit to consider utilizing an enrollment platform. In the meantime, try sending out an electronic benefits guide for employees to access on their phones when they are on-the-go.

Tip #2: Keep it Short & Sweet…and FUN

Millennials are constantly moving at a fast pace. To get their attention, you must keep things short and sweet (and FUN). You won’t get the attention of a millennial with an hour-long mandatory meeting teeming with insurance jargon.

First, simplify the information into terms that can relate to. Stagger the information out throughout the week to make it easier to digest. And get creative! Send out short (two minutes or less) benefits videos explaining the basics. Don’t be afraid to add humor into your communications where appropriate.

Tip #3: Get Personal and Be Authentic

Millennials prefer a more personal means of communication in the workplace. Be authentic and genuine when you are providing your employees with information on their benefits. They trust information with experience, especially coming from their peers.

Show you care through personality; humor, stories and anecdotes will go a long way.

Tip #4: Offer Choice

Offer a benefits package that caters to all life stages. It’s no secret that millennials are saddled with debt and have different priorities when it comes to benefits than previous generations. Provide enough choice so that employees feel they have control based on their current life stage. Consider a decision support tool that helps employees build their own personal benefits package based on their financial standing and risk tolerance.

Tip #5: Don’t be Afraid to Talk Money

Millennials are cost-conscious, but a majority do not understand the true costs of healthcare. Time and time again, we hear from HR managers that they struggle with the value versus perception of their benefits offerings. It’s important to highlight how your company’s benefits will provide savings and teach employees use their plans effectively. Be sure to make your employees aware of the cost comparison tools and resources offered online.

To learn more about effectively engaging and communicating with your millennial workforce, check out this piece from OneDigital Hartford’s Managing Principal: Emily Bailey Talks to HR Dive About Engaging a Millennial Workforce.


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