How Employers Can Make the Most of Federal Stimulus Relief

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has reinvented the landscape for employers. There is no greater focus today than on how business leaders manage their workforces, mitigate risk and position themselves for financial stability and future growth post-pandemic.
OneDigital is your partner in managing for long-term success during these turbulent times. Utilize this resource to help blunt the crisis’ impact on your business, now.

Stimulus Information for Businesses


From Confusion to Clarity—Updated Guidance for Employers on Maximizing Stimulus Funds

Since the launch of the PPP, small businesses across the U.S. have tapped billions in loans as they try to survive. View the latest session to cut through the confusion on offered relief and gain an understanding of the business safeguards you should have in place, regardless of the support you are seeking.

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Business Guidance Around Maximizing Loan Forgiveness

Business and HR leaders have been forced to take on an unprecedented action to protect employees and their organization. View the on-demand session to decipher how to survive and assess the immediate implications on the economy, your customers and business.

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President Issues a Series of Executive Orders on Healthcare

Learn more about the eight executive orders recently issued that impact healthcare, unemployment benefits and payroll taxes as well as next steps from the impacted federal agencies.

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Congress Passes New Law Expanding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Learn more about the latest modifications to new PPP loans and how the latest law provides additional flexibility to loans already issued.

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Coronavirus Health Plan Impact Tool

Cutting-Edge Health Plan Cost Impact Tool

OneDigital's proprietary and enhanced COVID-19 Health Plan Cost Impact Tool equips organizations with the potential financial impact of COVID-19 on their employee health plans. In addition to measuring the frequency and severity of cases within your population and forecasting expected instances of infection and hospitalization, you can now determine business service interruptions and develop an estimated dollar amount associated with delayed claims, procedures and the potential COVID-19 hospital claims.

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CARES Act Frequently Asked Questions



Stimulus Guidance


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