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Healthy Options To Help You Stay Hydrated In A Heatwave

Ahh August, the dog days of summer!

You know what I’m talking about, hot and humid, muggy, sticky, running to the beach, pool or air conditioning. But wait, there’s another way to cool off! Drink lots of fluids - especially water! Water is the one beverage that fits perfectly with our biological needs.

Some people have no problem drinking water throughout the day, but I know there are a number of people who find this challenging because, to them, water is boring and tasteless.

I’m not going to start comparing the health benefits of water to other types of fluids (vitamin waters, sports drinks, energy drinks, soda [regular and diet], coffee drinks [hot or cold], drinks with artificial sweeteners, etc.) because in my opinion, there’s no comparison from a health perspective. What I will share, are some healthy alternatives to plain water.

*Disclaimer: if you have a health condition, please seek advice from your personal physician before trying these alternatives.

  • 100% Fruit Juices (up to 4 oz.)
  • 100% Vegetable Juices (low sodium option preferred)
  • Skim, 1% or Low Fat Cow’s Milk (organic option preferred)
  • Milk Alternatives like soy, almond, rice, coconut, etc. (calcium fortified, unsweetened and organic options preferred)
  • Freshly Brewed Unsweetened Tea (green, black or white preferred)
  • Coffee (unsweetened or lightly sweetened, black or with low-fat dairy options preferred)
  • Naturally sweetened water with added fruits, citrus or herbs

To sum it up, water is the best! It’s free (right from your tap) and there’s no added sugar or calories! Water is the body’s most vital essential nutrient because it helps to lubricate our joints, energize our muscles, regulate our body temperature and is the medium for almost every chemical and metabolic reaction that takes place in the body. Water is essential to our existence so it’s important to include it in our daily fluid consumption. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to ensure you stay hydrated and cool this summer, which will you choose?