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What's New At OneDigital For 2015?

The dreaded New Year’s Resolution list – most of us make them.  Whether we are putting items on our bucket list, listing ways to better ourselves, or just wanting to learn something new, now is the most popular time of year for improvements. At OneDigital, we have a New Year’s Resolution list too – for Benefits!

So what’s new for 2015?  Our HR team has been working hard to bring some exciting, new elements to our benefits plan.  John Short led a great webinar last week discussing the benefits packages offered to us in the New Year.  Take a look at some of the highlights.

Two Additional Medical Plans

You will think you’re seeing double when you look over the plans for the New Year.  Although Aetna will continue to be our medical carrier for 2015, we will be offering two POS plans and two HSA plans (a total of four) from which you can choose.  Each plan has its advantages, so take your time to find which one is best for you and your family.

Lots New With Dental

We have a new Dental carrier.  Check with your dentist to make sure they accept Guardian Insurance. Guardian offers a new, low PPO plan, adult orthodontia, and maximum rollover.  Although contributions are increasing slightly, OneDigital employees enrolled in the new plan will get TWO MORE cleanings for the year.  With this added benefit, it’s easier to prevent cavities and other problems, freshen your breath, and boost your overall health!

A New Carrier

Get to know Guardian!  You’ll see their name a lot when it comes to our benefits for 2015.  You can access an ID card with just the click of a button on their mobile app!  With secure customer login, you can pull up your insurance card 24/7 without taking up extra space in your wallet.  No ID cards to carry – just provide doctors with your social security number and date of birth to find out your eligibility.

Additional Options for 401K

For those of you enrolled in OneDigital’s 401K plan, more investments is something you’ll find in the New Year.  Re-evaluating the choices provided to us, OneDigital is offering new and exciting investments that could help us grow our 401k through Fidelity.  Make sure you visit the Fidelity website to make the most of your investments.

More Time Off?

Could it be?  Are the rumors true?  During the Town Hall and Open Enrollment Webinar, it was confirmed that OneDigital is adding a brand new holiday to the mix, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Along with the eight holidays we currently have off (seven permanent and one floating), Christmas Eve is now added to the list.

Want to get the full scope on our benefits packages for 2015?  Click here to watch John’s webinar!

Ready to sign up for your benefits today?  Plansource is ready to assist you in signing up!


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